Current Exhibition

Feb 2-24, 2018

Gallery 1: May Kyotonen: Close/Divide

Close/Divide is an art installation & exhibition that explores Asian American identity as well as community. Artist May Kytonen met with friends to spin newspaper yarn and discuss being Asian American in the Spokane Community, culminating in the creation of a series of panels that represent their time together. This installation was funded by a 2017 Artist Trust GAP Award.

May Kyotonen is participating in SATURATE, which is an annual city-wide collaboration to promote Spokane’s diverse yet under recognized artists of color.

Gallery 2: Yaro Shon Neils: Growth Chart

Growth Chart is an exhibition by local artist Yaro Shon Neils which focuses on pregnancy. Women curious about the profession of the fetuses growing in their wombs are taught to think of the contents of their uteri in terms of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Neils uses a simple camera-less photography process to track this progress as the artist approaches her ninth month of pregnancy.


May Kyotonen: Close/Divide


Yaro Shon Neils: Growth Chart