Current Exhibition

Mariah Boyle – Gallery I

Tobe Harvey – Gallery II

Fragments – Mariah Boyle; The Gloomy Art of Flower Arranging– Tobe Harvey

July 6 – July 28, 2018

Opening Reception: July 6, 2018, 5PM – 8PM


Mariah Boyle creates life-sized mixed media drawings and installations that reference the landscape and personal or public memories associated with passing through or spending time in a place.

Life in the Northwest has had a strong influence on her work. Recently, she has been exploring elements of chance in relation to landscape and the process of creating physical and conceptual layers through drawing and painting.

Fragment is both a verb and a noun referencing an action and/or the resulting pieces.


Tobe Harvey will be exhibiting mixed media drawings and paintings at Saranac Art Projects from July 6th-July 29th. The body of work is entitled- “The Gloomy Art of Flower Arranging.” Varieties of imaginary plants and flowers are depicted in imaginary landscapes using painting and drawing mediums.


Mariah Boyle


Tobe Harvey